There are two really important elements of the admissions package that you have to get before becoming a student at our University:

  • a proof of English proficiency - certification of the English knowledge at the level B2 or others
      (list of English language requirements as an attachment to the e-mail),
  • and a legalisation of your diploma (or an apostille ).

If the previous education was conducted in English the document will be recognised as a proof of language command.

Stage 1 – which you can arrange to become our student from abroad by mail or e-mail
Stage 2 – in which you must present yourself personally in Admission Office to finish the formalities.

1 Fill in the application questionnaire.

2 Collect all additional documents:
а) completed application questionnaire,
b) copy of the high school diploma
c) copy of the bachelor’s or master’s diploma with a copy of the transcript with the grading scale,
d) copy of a certified translation (into Polish or English) of your bachelor’s or master’s diploma,
e) legalization of the bachelor’s or master’s diploma or the apostille of it,
f) copy of your passport or official ID (only the page(s) showing your name, picture and passport number)
g) copy of a certificate of good health from your physician; h) receipt of payment of the application fee:
• 140 zł – studies provided in Polish,
• 90 Euro – studies provided in English;
paid to:
Wyższa Szkoła Ekologii i Zarządzania w Warszawie
ul. Olszewska 12, 00-792 WARSZAWA
bank account PL43103015080000000800611008

3. Send your application package to:
Admissions Office
University of Ecology and Management
ul. Olszewska 12, 00-792 Warszawa, Poland.
or send scanned documents by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. University confirms receiving your application package.

5. Admissions office issues decision on your documents. University sends you a pre-acceptance letter by e-mail.

6. Upon receipt of the pre-acceptance letter, you are required to send to WSEiZ within 14 days the following:
a) Receipt of payment of entry fee:
• 500 zł – studies provided in Polish,
• 250 Euro – studies provided in English;
b) Receipt of payment of the tuition fee for 2 monthly instalment:
• one monthly instalment of the second cycle studies of Architecture provided in Polish - 690 zł,
• one monthly instalment of the second cycle studies of Architecture provided in English - 250 EUR;
c) Four passport photographs (35x45 mm, left half-profile, left ear visible).
If, for some reason, you need more than 2 weeks to send us the required documents, contact us and we will consider your case on the individual basis.

7. University issues and sends you the official acceptance letter.

1. Upon arrival in Warsaw, student is obliged to bring personally and present:
a) the originals of all documents,
b) medical insurance (or European Health Insurance Card).
2. Sign the agreement with the University.

Important additional requirement for non-Polish citizens resulting from the legal regulations concerning recognition of school certificates and diplomas from institutions of higher education:

Only diplomas issued in Polish or English can be considered. Diplomas issued in other languages have to stronge translated into Polish or English by an official translator.

The admitted students are supposed to arrange their travel, medical insurance, and accommodation plans by themselves. Our University shall not be responsible for providing you with housing, meals, or medical insurance. The responsibility for getting a visa or obtaining a residence permit and having an insurance lies solely on the incoming students. The University of Ecology and Management informs that there is a possibility to accommodate some students in a student’s house in Warsaw.