Erasmus Policy Statement

The University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw was established by a decision of the Minister of National Education in July 1995 and registered with number 62. UE&M offers undergraduate, graduate as well as postgraduate studies at three Colleges/Faculties: Architecture, Environmental Protection and Management. It employs best research and didactic staff and implements most advanced interdisciplinary syllabuses.

The chief goal of the University of Ecology and Management is to educate highly specialized people employable in the home labour market as well as on the market of the united Europe in the fields relating to its study programmes. The authorities of our University are fully aware that an international and intercultural dimension must be integrated into teaching, research and service at our University. The importance of cooperation in research and of the comings and goings of faculty and students is truly recognized and it is believed that it should become the day-to-day reality of education at our University. It is also believed that preparing future leaders and citizens for a highly independent and globalised world requires a higher education system where internationalization promotes cultural diversity and fosters intercultural understanding, respect and tolerance among people, favoring the development of international solidarity, human security and helps to build a climate of global peace.

Bearing in mind the importance of internationalization, we improved our curriculum to adjust it to the special curricular needs of international students and designed to facilitate language competence, understanding of global, international, and regional issues – the curriculum which will educate international citizens. Our participation in Erasmus programme will help us in achieving this aim. Our priorities in participating in Erasmus programme activities are: “mobility schemes for undergraduate students ‘, “teachers and staff mobility”, “participating in intensive programmes as partner”.

We will seek new partnerships to extend both the range of participation possible for students and staff and widen geographic coverage of its participation. We will further enable the development of, and participation in other activities within Lifelong Learning Programme such as Gruntvig, Comenius , Intensive Programmes and Curriculum Development.The Erasmus University Charter and the EPS will be published on web page of the University, displayed on announcement boards and published in our internal newspaper, which is distributed in our University. Our University will maintain its firm commitment to people with disadvantages and to equality of opportunity and provide support and access to students, staff and other who has disabilities or special needs.

Our University operates on the basis of non-discrimination, whether of gender, race or other factor which is reflected in our internal regulations and procedures to promote equality of opportunity and treatment.