Architecture – second cycle studies

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Field of study : Architecture

Form of study : full-time (weekday classes)

Academic title received by graduates: M.Sc. in Architecture.

Duration of the study : 3 semesters.

Faculty of Architecture in University of Ecology and Management is the only non-public university in Warsaw and second one in Poland which by decision of Ministry of Science and  Higher Education  was authorized to run second cycle studies in Architecture.



General Informator about the Faculty
A graduate will have knowledge and skills in the following fields:
- architectural, urban and conservator design and spatial planning;
- history and theory of architecture, theory or urban planning, arts, technical sciences and humanities;
- shaping the human environment with due consideration of the relationships between people and architectural objects and the surrounding space;
- following procedures for preparation of design of architectural objects, considering social factors;
- resolving functional, utility, civil, structural, engineering and technological issues to the extent that guarantees safety and comfort of use of objects, also to the disabled;
- comply with technical and construction rules, regulations and procedures, economy of design, execution and usage of an architectural object and organization of the investment process and integration of plans with planning projects in Poland and European Union Member States.
The graduate will be aware of the role of an architect's profession in the society and his influence on the quality of the environment.
A graduate will comply with the principles of professional ethics.

A graduate will be prepared for:
- commencement of creative activity in the field of architectural and urban design;
- obtaining vocational certification as required by the law;
- performing independent functions in construction;
- designing and managing works in architectural specialization;
- coordinate works in multidisciplinary project teams;
- manage architectural and urban design studios;
- carrying out a sole proprietors business;
- commencing scientific research work.

Career Perspectives
A graduate will be prepared to take up employment at:
- architectural and urban design studios,
- local and national government administration bodies,
- research institutes and advisory organizations.

List of courses in second cycle studies in Architecture:


  1. Drawing and painting
  2. Contemporary art
  3. Theory of architectural design
  4. The theory of urban planning and rural areas
  5. Area planning
  6. Basics of Management
  7. Architectural Design- public utilities with complex functions
  8. Urban Design -development of urban riverside areas


  1. Presentation graphics
  2. Study and area development plans
  3. Regional planning
  4. Advanced concrete and metal structures
  5. Architectural design – modernisation of architectural objects
  6. Urban design - the transformation of urban post-production areas


  1. The theory of architectural design
  2. Monuments protection
  3. Modernization and Conservation
  4. Architectural design - large buildings with large span structures
  5. Urban design - suburban municipalities area policy
  6. Diploma Seminar

Optional Courses ( i.a.)

  1. Interior Design
  2. Landscape Design
  3. Architectural detail
  4. Arranging objects of landscape architecture
  5. Stage design